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Index Marketing is discipline based on what industry leaders do. We took part in their success stories. We did it for decades, at the top, in the categories where the action is. We collected the methods that worked time after time, and we originated a few of them. We adapt our unique perspective to your unique situation. It doesn’t have to take long. We can throw the bomb or grind out the yards methodically on the ground. Whatever you need, this know-how can help






Breakthroughs for hire.

You get the answer faster – and you get results. Strategic Services started
with the idea that flexible force is what marketers need today.

Your payoff is productivity and better ROI. Our tools range from marketing
plans strategy
to web copy and copywriting, for a host of industries. With
experience and deep perspective ranging from jets to their destinations -
from aviation marketing to tourism consulting, visitor consulting to
healthcare – our planning techniques and copywriting services are the most
effective you can get.

We specialize in direction and content - - what to say and how to say it - -
to give you the only thing that’s scarce in the digital world: connection.
We get you that rare engagement with your prospects and customers.

Web copy that boosts ROI is part art; part science, and we get it. We
can go straight to that copywriting solution if you’re on the right track.
Or we can start farther up the food chain, with marketing plans strategy,
aviation marketing, consulting for tourism and the visitor industries.
We have techniques that can transform your strategic plan
without clicking “pause.”

So whether you need advertising copy, market research, a strategic plan, or
anything in between, you can get it here and get it good. Without fuss or




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