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This is what we call Index Marketing. It points the way and gives you the content to get there.

Our perspective enables you to see the value in what is happening – and how to turn around what is not. Without perspective wheels spin. With it you drive irresistibly toward the lead. There are a lot of industries, products and situations in which Strategic Services’ experience is simply the best there is.

When we apply that experience to new opportunities, we see the solution quickly, simply and without trial and error. That is insight.

Breakthrough is our promise. We aim to change the game every time.







If you see somebody’s strategic planning process spelled out on the
Internet, well, chances are that’s where they found it, too.  Here’s just a
taste of what you get when you put Index Marketing to work for you.

Market Target

We dig deep to understand who buys, who doesn’t, who hesitates and why. 
What Index Marketing brings uniquely is an anthropologist’s passion for finding
out what makes people tick in relation to their surroundings and each other. 
The perspective that comes from carrying that passion through a big-league
career is rare.  And it is worth having on your side.

Source of Business

Power comes from committing to exactly what you want those people to
do. Just making the target like you is barely a beginning.  Do you want
more people to find out?  New users to wake up?  Current customers to
buy more, or more often?  Competitors’ customers to switch?  “All of the
above” is a lazy, expensive answer.  We’ll help you find a better one.

Competitive Frame

Not just, “Who makes a thing like ours.”  The key to Competitive Frame is,
“What is an acceptable substitute for buying from us?”  Often the answer
is from outside your category or industry.

Market Positioning

What do you want to represent among all the alternatives available?  The
real answer may not be obvious, and the conclusion you reach is life-or-death
in the marketplace.  Shouldn’t you get an expert involved?

Buying Incentives

What benefits do your prospects find the most believable, relevant and
motivating?  Are you sure?  We have a shortcut to finding out.



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