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The only thing scarce in the digital world is connection. Clicks and tweets and eyeballs are abundant. And they’re the booby prize. Engagement is what you’re after. And the busier prospects get in this all-access mobile life, the harder it is to connect with them.

That’s why web copy services are a key factor for your success. The copywriting services you get from us are more effective, faster, because of where the copywriting comes from.

Michael Weaver went to the best school of journalism in the world and then spent 25 years on Madison Avenue. This spanned the seismic changes in how people consume media - - all the way from mass audiences in the heyday of network television, to the rifle-shot fragmentation of cable TV, print and radio, to the peculiar intimacy of digital communication. He adapted and overcame each shift, through empathy, insight and a passion for learning what makes people tick. That’s how the thinking and writing remained effective, while the audiences got smaller and the consumer gained more and more control.

At your service now – for projects, for relationships, for breakthroughs – the copywriting and web copy services you get from Strategic Services are faster, better, deeper and more effective than anything you’ve used before. We’ll be delighted to prove it.














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